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Jul. 25th, 2012 | 12:00 am

My cat is trying to kick my breast off my chest and it's all because I have the gall to type while she utilizes my lap and wrists. I love her though. She has cute on her face. I'm still alive. I didn't check on my last post before I started typing. I know I hadn't bought a house yet then. There are two cats. Also, a leather chair that really hurts my ass right now.

I still work at the hospital. Just had my 2 year anniversary- they gave me a free meal ticket, up to 4 dollas. wooooo. I live across the highway from the beach and if I risk running off the road I can see sand on the way to work. So that's nice. Whoever I was dating last time I wrote something didn't work out and the loss was not devastating. I've been off my meds for a few months and it makes me not nice. I'm ok with that. That had nothing to do with the bit about not working out, but it might have to do with not dating at present. It's cool. 

Lately I'm blowing my cash on books and the mountain of debt I live under and trying to have consistent feelings about my mother. My grandfather is expected to die soon. Not her father, the other one. He'll be my first grandparent. It's a strange thing to wait for. We ate dinner at their house after he got discharged and they had the red up too high on their TV, so Guy Fieri looked (more) like a goblin and all the tomato sauce was gory. They had red placemats and pillows and apples all over the kitchen and a hummingbird feeder outside the window. We had canned Cokes and the color just bashed me over the head. Too hot for dying of old age. We put bourbon in the Coke.

What's up with you, LJ? I tried to remember the name of the website and I finally had to Google blogs. That felt a little silly.

I do tweet now. DarkGrayCanary. All the black ones were taken.

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Dramatic reemergence!

Jan. 18th, 2011 | 08:27 am
mood: hungryhungry

Brief and short lived though it may be. I only actually logged in because someone posted a comment on a super old entry and tickled my ego. Then I looked at my friends page and saw things from Kassie and Jessie and got nostalgic about awesome old webcomics. Then I decided to update on my shtatus! May or may not have to do with the fact I should be dressing for a doctor's appointment.

I graduated, after struggling to pass my stupid grand rounds. Now I work at my hometown hospital! It's about the only thing I like about being back home. I love Columbia more. I only know a few people down here, and it's just not the same as my girls in Columbia. They're the only set of 'girls' I've ever had, and I don't know if I can come up with another. The hospital is cool, though. The other day some woman gave birth in the hall. The nurse calls us up asking for pitocin, and you can hear junior squalling in the background. Then when I left, there's the big ole bloodstain on the floor. The newly recarpeted floor. Because that was a good idea.

I got a new boooooyfriend. He lives in Columbia. Figures. I like him a lot, and I think he'll make me get off my ass more, since he's really into kayaking and climbing and all sorts of cool things that always LOOKED fun, but I never got around to trying out. And he's a grownup with a steady job- teaching 7th grade science, which I find pretty adorable- so I won't have to take care of him if it works out and we stay together forever and ever amen. Mama doesn't like him (She's never met him) but that was a given, anyway.

I have two cats. DId I have a cat last time I updated? Dinah just settled between me and the computer with her ass in my  face, so I believe they expect to be duly addressed. They're pretty fuckin cute, except at 5 in the morning when Dinah decides to tear up some paper and wake me up. It's the only time she does it. It's not a hobby of hers. She's my sweet baby angel. Kepler is my kitten, which means she's completely insane. She's the newest member of the family, since my neighbor found her in a trashcan a few months ago. I'm still working on getting her to let me pet her every time I try. Or at least a more generous portion of the times I try.

I learned to crochet. It's fun! I still suck at knitting, though.  My mom bought me a sewing machine, so I'm gonna learn that too. It wasn't completely out of the blue, because I did some sewing for my halloween costume this year--Harley Quinn! Super fun. Also I'm trying to learn some astronomy. I never took a class in college, and there's nowhere dark to look around here, so it's kinda hard to take up. I'm definitely going to, though. That's why I named Kepler the way I did. I can't have a pretentious sciencey cat name and not learn about the science. It's a brilliant strategy.

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Hay LJ!

Jan. 24th, 2010 | 10:32 pm
mood: draineddrained
music: quiet time


It's update time again.

I dumped the boyfriend in May. Haven't gotten any in months. Am displeased about the second part.

I graduate this coming May. I'm applying to residency programs...there's only two I haven't heard from, and I'm thinking about sending out some more apps. No one seems to want me. I am petrified.

Last night I went to a party with a bunch of other pharmacy people.  None of them seem to be dangling in suspense the way I am. They have interviews.  I got really drunk and embarrassed myself.  I cried a little. It was shameful.

I got a cat!! She's fantastic. Her name is Dinah and she is a little black snuggleball and every once in awhile she punches a hole in my skin and I bleed all over the carpet!  Her sadistic streak is cute.

I'm lonely.

I quit the job at CVS.  Wonderful decision, but I still have to get another 50 hours of experience so they'll give me a pharmacist's license this summer.

I got obsessed with perfume this month. My favorite is Jean Patou Joy.  It smells like happiness itself is yanking me up by the hair.

Today I bought a damn teaset on eBay.  What the fuck?

I also got some cute sandals for $13. I'm wearing them now, just because they make me happy.

I'm back on my happy pills.  Thank goodness.

My hair is down to my ass and it drives me CRAZY. It's going to be cut in the next few months, I think.  I feel really accomplished having grown it this much, though, and I want to see how long it'll get.  Rereading that sentence made me a little sad.  Somebody told me you can sell it.  I am down with that. I don't feel like donating my hair. I think bald kids are cute.  And I'm unemployed. I need money.

I think I need to start doing things I enjoy again. Now if I could just remember what they are...

That covers it.  I might be back more in the next few weeks.  One of my friends was bold enough to post the link to her blog on her facebook.  I will never do that. I have bitched about people who would read it. That's kindof why I have the thing. It's nice to not be the only person I physically know who does this sort of shit though.

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TLC played a show called 'I didn't know I was pregnant"

Apr. 6th, 2009 | 10:32 pm


there's a baby in the toilet!


In your toilet

good thing you cleaned today


girl its in your toilet you better get the scrubbin bubbles

and i didn't clean the toilet





put that right up on the billboard with the folic acid 400 mcg




I am never having sex again. EVER. or going camping.


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Feb. 4th, 2009 | 01:00 pm

Imaginary discourse that gets me through the day in a tolerable mood:

GOLDIEloxthedoor (8:00:52 am): ...wtf?
LrdnSvyr (8:01:03 am): LOL

rinse and repeat.

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Jan. 28th, 2009 | 05:22 pm
mood: blahblah

1- Copy and paste these rules into your journal
2- Answer ALL questions as truthfully as possible.
3- Tag people (Not going to!)

1. Top 3 favourite nicknames for yourself:
-boo (suppress yo' gag reflex, please)

2. Top 3 favourite boys names:
-also love gabriel
-wolffe (Read it in a book about the IRA, am not consciously trying to gank names from everyone who did this meme before me...)
-Samuel or Walter? maybe Cannon. I swear, I used to have a list of baby names i liked. creepy, but it would've come in handy for this.

3. Top 3 favourite girls names:
-Warren. that's right.

4. Top 3 favourite numbers:
- seven
- seven
-...seven three.

5. Top 3 favourite colours:
- french blue
-dusty rose
-jade green. I would say sea green, because it's the color of the waves at my favorite beach when the tide's right, but the phrase calls a whole 'nother color to mind.

6. Top 3 favourite movie villains:
- Dracula. In anything.
-Colonel Tavington in the Patriot. SOHOT.
-Lucius Malfoy in HP hahaha

7. Top 3 favourite movie good guys:
-Mr. Darcy (inthenewoneiknowimsorry)
-the cat in Boondock Saints Alice of RE

8. Top 3 favourite video game villains:
How about that guy who picks Link up and shakes him?

9. Top 3 favourite video game good guys:
-Falco in Star Fox 64
-I got nothing.

10. Top 3 favourite animated movies:
-Sleeping Beauty
-Snow White. All disney, I know, but when I was 9 my sister and I would rewind the bit where snow white's running through the big mean woods over and over, cackling like the little bastards we were. fond memories.

11. Top 3 favourite live action movies:
-The Constant Gardener
-Steel Magnolias
-Conan the Barbarian or Brotherhood of the Wolf--haha.

12. 3 movies you haven't seen but want to see:
-well I wanna see Watchmen too.
- Something old that I need to cross off the damn list. like a Clockwork Orange! there's one.

13. 3 movies you feel like watching now:
- Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
- or something fluffy and dull and highly ignorable.
- Russian Ark, again. Not understanding makes rewatching so much more interesting. you might figure something out.

14. Top 3 video games at the momemt:
15. Top 3 games you want to buy right now:

16. 3 favourite songs at the moment:
- Rhapsody in Blue
- Flathead, by the Fratellis (altho that video almost ruined it for me.)
-Neighborhood #1 --(the?) arcade fire

17. Top 3 original characters at the moment (yours or anyones):
-This 'original' reminds me of the characters I've abandoned and makes me a little sad, and also a little confused as to who counts as original..so I'm going to say Himaruya's Ivan Braginsky anyway. Hetalia ain't all that big.
- Melii's Wolf
- I miss blix's Wruckendain. I'm not even sure I spelled it right anymore!!

18. Top 3 hobbies:
-internet-stalk----not people, just sites.
-vodka! (or...gin! or beer!)
-i am so pathetic.

19. 3 least favourite things to do:
-my job
-get out of bed (especially after vodka!)
-......make appointments with the twat doc. damn.

20. Top 3 favourite accents:
- I shall steal Russian from Melii.
-a well executed Southern US accent. the kind that comes off smartassed, not mentally inadequate.

21. Main 3 reasons why you did this quiz:
-3 is my number 3 favorite number
-my journal is sad
-i has no life.

22. 3 people to tag:
Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt.

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I last updated 11 weeks ago.

Jan. 5th, 2009 | 07:50 pm
mood: guiltyguilty

this is a pity. nothing new, loathe going back to work tomorrow, thrilled to go back to class thursday, am fat with holiday indulgence. same boyfriend, although he makes me nervous with his lack of drive toward anything other than perfecting the ultimate hard body and achieving astral projection. if we don't figure out what it is we have in common soon, i fear even the cuddles will not save us. especially with rotations coming up, and potentially a residency if I am not too ill-equipped to get someone to hire me. agh. there is something I should fret about later, when I have time to actually make an entry. I wonder if I should do it in word first, for a rough draft...i never do LIKE the things i post after i've put them up.  the important thing at present though, is to stop stalking my friend list without ever posting anything to make me look like less of a creeper.

Well at least I've posted something, anyway. can't vouch for my creepiness.

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Living Vicariously...

Oct. 13th, 2008 | 10:53 pm
mood: sleepysleepy

Been reading in Ms. Palmer's MySpace blog--that is, Amanda of the Dresden Dolls-- and found fotos of her sporting Neil Gaiman's kimono...robe...thing.  Because, of course Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman hang out.  It's almost as if a very talented musician I fan has acknowledged my taste in awesome literary people, and an awesome literary person I fan has acknowledged my taste in talented musicians.

I feel smug.

And yes, I know I'm a tool.

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Book Recommendation.

Aug. 5th, 2008 | 12:53 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful

  Lindsey has remarked on Kassie's devArt, thought hard on the topic, and decided to advise everyone who looks at her journal to read Winter's Tale, by Mark Helprin.  It contains outlandish amounts of just plain lovely and the very thought of it makes her happy.

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Suckfest and Griping

Jul. 30th, 2008 | 02:02 pm

So...this week's been a real exercise in fuckin' up.  Friday the boy and I got it in our heads that it'd be nice to drive to Charleston.  We didn't have a real reason, but he wanted to take some photos--I think we were listening to Walter Edgar talking about some historic house--and we thought it'd be a pretty place to do it.  Mostly it appealed to me because, hey.  I can up and go to Charleston if I want.  Sadly, the day had already progressed to its later stages and we didn't feel we had enough time to make something of it.  Sunday, though, Sunday he's still game, so I'm still game, so we made ourselves a little plan and went and I spent like $80 doing it, and most of a tank of gas.  Good time, relatively cheap considering, I guess.  Unfortunately the rare thought occurred to me Monday that I ought to check my bank balance and whoopsie--I got no rent money.  Requisite panic completed, I let boyfriend know that he's gonna have to chip in on dinner a little more, and hey, maybe not so much with the fancy grocery store. I'm thinkin I might be able to feed myself and swing rent within a decent window from the actual due date, considering I'm just paying it to a friend and not a company-however, that is an economy sized can of worms waiting to be pissed off, considering how it involves trampling on her good graces- when bam.  This morning, pops says we've maxed out the gas card.  And somehow, I managed to fill up 9 times in July. WTF.  So now I gotta feed my own gasoline need, which apparently I have underestimated.

And then on the way to half-fill my tank, boyfriend called wanting me to bring him the second pair of keys he's forgotten in the course of the morning, and I flipped my shit at him.  I was so damn mean I feel guilty thinking about asking him to fold his own clothes later.  For the third time. And I wasn't just taking it out on him randomly, I mean, a few of those fillups had to do with me driving him home 3 weekends in a row.  For which he did not reimburse me.  Every once in awhile, his mom'll give me like 8 bucks.  When we first started dating, I loved being able to swoop in and get things for him, but it's starting to get old, and this is the second summer in a row I've been pretty much bust for a couple weeks.  It's not all his fault- it's not that I'm spending it on just him, I'll get dinner for us both and all, and I'm not even going about that in the most cost effective manner.  I'm just afraid of how it's gonna work when we make things go more even.  He owes me 'officially' anyway, and I really don't think he can afford to pay that back.  I don't know what we're going to do.  At this point, all I can really do is try to make up for being such a bitch this morning, and cross all those other pricey bridges when we get to them.

I feel like such a bum.

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